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30 Day Challenge

Day 5 - Your favorite EA object in the game from this challenge in thesims2 community.

"Wilted Love" would have to be my favorite EA object. I had not read the little tagline that goes with it about an artist and his muse until today when I was looking in game to see what the object is called. To me, the object just seems like one of those actual personal items that someone keeps. A lot of EA's clutter is impersonal, you could go to the store and buy it. I've got whole boxes filled to the brim with keepsakes that are no longer or were never practical--like a pair of pants with paint splotches on it from the painter I first fell in love with. Rocks were another of those sorts of things I used to hold onto. For these sorts of sentimental reasons I love the "Wilted Love" wall décor.