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Sims Pre-mades meme

Fromtomwood1906 :
This is a meme about pre-made sims. Although most questions ask about a pre-made (singular), feel free to list more than one. Elaborate on your answers (the constant 'and why?' after each question seemed redundant). Skip or replace any questions you don't find interesting.

01. Favourite pre-made.
I've been falling for Nervous something wicked. The first premade I fell in love with is Lilith because I think she and Angela got caught up in their parents drama and eventually picked opposite sides. I've never had them pick on each other because I think it is more a matter of them wanting to get as far away from each other and live different lives than about any true hate on either side. I also like Lucy Burb who is close to both Lilith and Angela in my game. Don Lothario is probably my favorite though, he's a good dad, a great friend but a terrible significant other. I usually play him with a family secondary aspiration--perhaps a bit sadistically. He reminds me of someone I know who has five kids by three different wives and loves his kids far more than he ever loved his wives.

02. Pre-made you dislike.
Rick Contrary would be the closest because he's so damn sulky. I know, weird since I like Lilith. I guess he gets points deducted for not being a girl or a redhead. Malcolm Langraab, I think he's a great background characters but annoying when in focus.

03. Favourite non-playable.
I'd have to say the shrink who comes in after a sim hits aspiration failure. He makes me think of Henry Killinger from Venture Bros. I'm almost positive he's hiding a magic murder bag somewhere.

04. Favourite unpopular or neglected pre-made.
Julian Cooke. Laszlo Curious. Violet Jocque.

05. Favourite pre-made family/household.
The Calientes because I really do love playing female sims and since they are both unattached and jobless there are about a million ways to take their stories. I suppose the whole Burb/Pleasant family interest me because there's so much room for solid family drama.

06. Pre-made sim or household you can't get interested in.
The Aspir family. A couple of the Belladonna Cove residents with kids.

07. Favourite and/or least favourite neighborhood.
I'm a bit vanilla here but I really love Pleasantview. Least favorite is definitely Riverblossom Hills, I think they tried to be too diverse with the resident's backgrounds which to me makes the neighborhood feel a bit haphazard. I don't love to play Veronaville premades but I think they feel more like an actual community than Riverblossom Hills.

08. Most intriguing pre-made sim or sim mystery.
The question of how Nervous ended up with the Beakers.

09. Unpopular opinion about a pre-made.
I find Bella really boring. I still like having her in my game but the point where the game starts (with Morty near death, Bella gone, Cass grown) I feel like most of Bella's time has passed. Certainly her disappearance has some intrigue but it is still the past and more of a loose end than anything. Not sure that this is unpopular but I think Maxis/EA made or implied WAY too much sibling conflict as a defining trait. There are only a few families where I feel there exists much of it after the kids leave home.

10. Favourite fanon.
I've just recently been getting into reading sim stories but the two that I've been reading lately that I've really loved are:
Fortune and Romance and Stars Crossing

11. Popular fanon you disagree with.
That's a hard one. I've enjoyed the variety of ways that fans spin the characters even if I don't personally play the characters that way. I'd have to say that anytime I see fanon that strictly sticks with the premade script I'm a bit disappointed. I think every sim's backstories can have more layers than just the surface assumptions--romance sims aren't necessarily scoundrels, fortune sims aren't just greedy and family sims aren't necessarily boring. Not wild about portrayals of romance sims as slutty, the fact that the game has no good way to have short discreet romances complicates the idea of fidelity. Oh, though I do disagree with the fanon that pairs Loki and Nervous as being capable of having a long term loving relationship. I think there's something there but I don't think Nervous would start a family with Loki.

12. Favourite own head-canon that isn't backed up by canon.
Daniel and Mary-Sue's marriage was derailed by a miscarriage that neither of them was willing to face. She distanced and immersed herself in her work. He internalized and looked for comfort where he could find it. Brandi Broke has a southern twang and sense of hospitality, I think she's also a very accepting sim who just is terrible at managing her life but will be there for any of her friends at a moment's notice.

13. Favourite canon/canonish pairing.
Dustin and Angela. In my own head it is because Dustin is a hard worker with a deep sense of family obligation and Angela is a bit of a perfectionist--more or less they are everything for each other that their parents aren't. I think they have a rocky relationship with some troubles but I think there is something visceral that they cling to in each other.

14. Favourite crack pairing.
Julian Cooke and Brandi Broke keep ending up together in my game. Natasha Una and Chloe Curious-Smith eventually have a clandestine affair in my game. Cassandra and Leod ended up together because after the whole Don debacle she decided to move somewhere far removed from Pleasantview. Cass seems like she'd thrive on a farm and she seems the right temperament for Leod.

15. Most outrageous romance sim, aka who's nailed the most sims in your game.
Don, Heather and Nina are tied in my game. I've rarely played romance sims to their full potential though.

16. Pre-made you see as gay, bi, asexual, etc.
Gay: Florence Delarosa, Natasha Una, Jason Larson, Armand Debateau, Alexander Goth, Buck Grunt
Bi: Nervous, Brandi, Lilith
Asexual: Mortimer (mostly in his later years when I picture him too buried in pursuits of the mind), Pascal
Servo-sexual: Chester Gieke (otherwise I'd put him in the asexual category)

17. Favourite non-romantic relationship.
Laszlo and Natasha. They seem like the universe would want their kookiness to be joined into some weird other worldly Simstock, Burning Sim festival. Plus I envision Natasha bugging the Curious brothers enough to make Laszlo think of her as his best friend.

18. Pre-made who's most like you.
Tara Kat. I only have one cat at the moment but that's more because she's a bit anti-social. Three cats does not a crazy cat lady make.

19. Premade whose look you like (not necessarily who you think is beautiful).
Tara Debateau, Ana Patel and DJ Verse. Vidcund and Loki both have really distinctive looks that are a bit intimidating at first but I've found intriguing over time.

20. Hottest pre-made.
Nervous makes me think of a dopey Trent Reznor. Dina Caliente and Roxie Sharp despite the fact that I adore redheads.