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Singeborne 1.8

Zoe bats her eyes but manages not to impress Don. After some pillow fighting and bonding time with his son however...

The wedding is back on. Vivian's birthday is worked into Zoe's rather tame bachelorette party.

Don may be incredibly pissed at Zoe but he adores Vincent.

Vivian is a wallflower as always but she is the heir.

The bachelorette party goes well into the am. Vivian flirts with Bob (Newbie).

Vincent ages up and ends up being the spitting image of his father except for the hair which is clearly from Zoe. And there's already a sign of his parents flirtatious nature in him. Oh Bella, you really should run far away.

Vivian's graduation at City Hall offers Zoe and Don the excuse they were looking for to just get married already. Though her parents may be constantly piggybacking on Viv's important occasions Bob makes an effort to make her feel special.

While the rest of the Singebornes are off causing domestic drama Vivian and Bob spend their time writing and flirting with each other.

After witnessing his parents flirting and prepping for a romantic night together, Vincent rolled the want for a bedtime story. He is most definitely trouble.

After a week and a half of moving furniture, decluttering and other homey things in RL I am so jealous of my sims. The Singebornes are nearly to their third generation in game. Once everything calms down I have *cough* a few *cough* more updates.