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A Proper Introduction

Still compiling, procrastinating, letting time get away from me. But first, a TS2 screenie.

So, I actually started this livejournal for a couple reasons. The big one was being inspired by the sims community. The BaCC challenges, the stories, the legacies, screenshots and so on. It seemed like rather than just lurking about I should get a little more involved. The second reason is that I do some writing and I want to get over some of the timidness that stifles it. In that regard sharing Sims stuff seemed appropriate since it gives me an excuse to make my play time a bit more productive.

Now, clearly thus far I haven't actually been writing any of my sims any sort of stories. Still a bit timid there so for the time being my goal is just to make sure I get at least a post in every week. Since starting the account I've really enjoyed seeing all that the community has to offer. I'm also so impressed by the amount of work people put into their entries. Since I had never played sims with the purpose of sharing I never realized how much work goes into some of the really beautiful screenshots people create.

With my TS3 families I'm just going to be snapping shots and seeing what I can make out of them. It'll be pretty unstructured. With TS2 right now I'm pushing past the first generation and then going to attempt to be a bit more creative with some storytelling. I probably won't do much posing for the time being. Hoping to have a couple solid updates next week though some actual work may be getting in the way but I'd like to actually get back into the groove of posting more regularly with pictures. In the meantime I look forward to peeking at other folk's games :)