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Two Tumblr Follower gifts

I really haven't been active on LJ in ages but I hope to be again soon. I've been really busy juggling work, rehabbing a hip joint issue and squeezing in some gaming time. Also trying to put together a bunch of CC--hopefully by the end of the year. I'll start cross posting stuff on LJ soon but most of my tumblr time has been via my phone. Any way, I've included my most recent custom content in case anyone is interested.

Brambly Dreams: https://app.box.com/s/wtccmoias2p2zvbdow25

Pretty shocking but I have 200+ followers and recently hit my 250th post on tumblr. This isn’t really a follower gift or a celebration of 250 posts. It’s really my gift to those still following as well as those I follow who are still posting sims stuff. As stated before I think Brambly Hedge (by Jill Barklem) is awesome and hope that you’ll think they’re cool too. Thanks for hanging in there, thanks to folks who reblog and just lots of love all around.

Swatches are included. I can include a download link for the various BV addon pieces later if anyone needs them. Let me know if there are any problems.


Biggest Fan: https://app.box.com/s/fyqpj4px7fwwunz4rreg
This is a really small gift. I’ve been swamped lately but I have been experimenting with wallpapers for a couple months now in order to release a big batch of CC but that’s still on the backburner. In the meantime, I really wanted to give a huge thanks to all the folks who have been reblogging me and liking my posts lately. I’m your biggest fan! So, in the spirit of that I thought I would release this wallpaper made during the course of my experiments.

The specifics: it uses a resource created by zerographic ( http://zerographic.dreamwidth.org/ ) because I love ZERO’s paneling and had always wanted to make a wallpaper with it. There are six wallpapers in total, (edit) the blue-green is the original color and the rest were recolors. The swatch isn’t labeled but it goes in order so it should be easy to pick which one you want.