Two Tumblr Follower gifts

I really haven't been active on LJ in ages but I hope to be again soon. I've been really busy juggling work, rehabbing a hip joint issue and squeezing in some gaming time. Also trying to put together a bunch of CC--hopefully by the end of the year. I'll start cross posting stuff on LJ soon but most of my tumblr time has been via my phone. Any way, I've included my most recent custom content in case anyone is interested.

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BILD Dog recolors part 2

Part II of my thank you gift. I'd saved a bunch of World of Warcraft concept art awhile back and thought that in addition to being absolutely beautiful they might make a lovely addition to sims. There are 41 in total and I will probably add a second set later. These are on the BILD (Dog) mesh that comes with the Ikea stuff pack and requires HL's CEP extra.
Download WoW Concept art on BILD mesh.

And finally there are four miscellaneous pictures that I made for my game but decided to share in case anyone else wants to use them.
Download Misc. on BILD mesh

BILD Dog recolors part 1

As thanks to all who've followed, commented or viewed my sims makeovers and miscellaneous screenshots I've created three sets of painting recolors for Sims 2. I really love the Sims community. I've been downloading, hoarding and using custom content for ages but I've always wanted to contribute to the community as well. Thanks again to frankscrank for the tutorial!
So, this is what I've got right now. There are three sets, this first one is the largest set of 72 sim portraits on the Ikea BILD (dog) mesh. I included swatches and thanks to needlecream they are (hopefully) very clear so you can pick and chose the pictures you like. For these to show up in game you'll need the Ikea Stuff pack and HL's Ikea CEP extra. There are premade sims as well as a few of mine.
For those that don't have the Ikea stuff pack there will be some base game sets soon. And for those who are able to use these, please let me know if there are any problems or suggestions as this is my very first upload.

Download BILD Dog recolors

Ikea Painting recolors

Thanks to frankscrank’s tutorial, I’ve created a bunch of recolors. I’ve been wanting to create a followers gift to thank all the lovely folks who read my lj and/or tumblr but hadn’t gotten up the nerve to until now. I tried to pick a nice range of picture options and all 100+ paintings have clearly labeled swatches. One set is World of Warcraft concept art, one set is from my game and the last four are just some shots I really like.
My two reservations about sharing right now are: the pictures are done on one of the Ikea paintings and I’m not sure if I should have recolored one of the basegame paintings instead and I want to make sure that I pack them up properly so everything runs smoothly. Any feedback would be lovely. Until later, here's a little sample of my in game shots. Collapse )